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the sunrise of the day
photo prints on aluminum dibond,


Since the middle of 2016
every morning when I get up,
I take a picture of the sunrise
no matter where I stay.

Sunrise of the day

Sunrise of the day

25st September 2017

7.39 am

N 47° 12′ 9”

E 8° 56′ 32”

Tuggen, Switzerland

The back of the picture is dated, signed and has the exact coordinates of the location.

Wherever I am, I photograph every morning the sunrise from the same place. Between 7 am and 9 am a new picture follows here in the shop. Only one print will be created – available until it is sold. If the sunrise is not visible due to the weather, there is no picture of the day.

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“Moonlite walks with me
Sunset talks to me
But all I want from you is a brand new sunrise”

Brand New Sunrise by ©Wet Wet Wet